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Saving Account

Our Savings account is an endeavor by the Bank to understand the consumers' needs and redefine banking to suit your requirements for a truly comfortable banking experience. Regular Savings Account gives you instant access to your money.

Various Term Deposit Scheme Available With Us Includes.

  • Fixed Deposits (FD) - Interest is paid to investor’s at regular intervals
  • Cash Certificate Deposits (CCD) - Interest gets accumulated in principle & investor receives an accumulated maturity amount at the end of tenure of deposits
  • Recurring Deposit (RD) - Schemes where investors can even start with a very nominal amount of Rs. 100 per month.

Regular Fixed Deposit
If you believe in long-term investments and wish to earn higher interests on your savings, NOW is the time to invest your money in our Fixed Deposit
Flexibility, Security and High Returns all bundled into one offering. Check out the rates and book an FD TODAY

Features & Benefits

  • Potential to earn compound interest by reinvesting the principal amount along with the interest earned during the period.
  • Flexibility in altering period of deposit of renewal deposit, maturity and payment instructions, principal amount and rollover mode before maturity of the rollover deposit.
  • Higher rate of interest on Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens

Recurring Deposit

A small investment is all it takes in an uncertain environment and continued volatility in the markets to be prepared for the future - your child's needs or even that dream holiday. Invest an amount every Month/ Week/ Day on Bank Recurring deposits so as to meet your financial needs.

Term Deposit Account can be opened by

  • Individual – Single or Joint
  • Minors – with Guardian
  • Registered Societies & Trusts
  • Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs)

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